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[audio]Old King Cole - Asaguare
English traditional nursery rhyme with celtic flair. Vocals: Gluttony
Keywords: traditional; folk; ethno; vocals; lyrics; song; english; celtic; fiddle; bodhran
Downloads: 1,034
[audio]Am Brunnen Vor Dem Tore - Asaguare
Slightly modernized version of a German folk song. Lyrics: Wilhelm Müller Music: Franz Schubert
Keywords: folk; ethno; synth; vocals; lyrics; song; german
Downloads: 1,640 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Shradh - Asaguare
Weird minimal Tech-House tune with strange vocal line. Vocals: Archana Chaoji Lyrics: Pankaj Subeer
Keywords: alternative; dancefloor; electronica; synth; techhouse; vocals; lyrics; india
Downloads: 134
[audio]Totentanz - Asaguare
Haunting poetry setting. Lyrics: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Speaker: Klaus Kinski
Keywords: experimental; classic; poetry; poem; german; goethe; soundscape
Downloads: 811
[audio]Zebroid - Asaguare
Improvising over a whole-tone-scale - which ressembles drawing lines and stripes on the guitar's fretboard - made me imagine a herd of zebras, chilling and browsing in a central African savannah. Hence the title. Call it a laid-back zebra atmosphere... but always a certain thrill in the air: a predator possibly squats behind the next bush.
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; jazz; guitar
Downloads: 402
[audio]Tiger Burning Bright - Asaguare
Percussive poetry setting. Speaker: MJK (aka acclivity) Lyrics: William Blake (1757-1827)
Keywords: alternative; tribal; ethno; percussion; vocals; lyrics; spoken; poem; poetry; english
Downloads: 346
[audio]Tu Es Mon Soleil - Asaguare
French Chanson style Popsong. English refrain add. vocals: Fenix
Keywords: pop; chanson; vocals; lyrics; song; french; english
Downloads: 1,019
[audio]Doriath - Asaguare
Chilling downtempo arrangement of 'Doriath', a theme by Morph. Vocals: Suki Add. backing track: Morph
Keywords: alternative; downtempo; epic; pop; vocals; song; choir; chill
Downloads: 438
[audio]Apotheose - Asaguare
Chilling poetry setting. Our grand master of surrealism not only brushed his canvas, he also found time to write. Here's one of his essays, read by himself, garnished with vocoder and some cute ambience. Vocals: Salvador Dalí (Apothéose du Dollar, 1967)
Keywords: ambient; vocals; lyrics; spoken; french; poem; poetry; chill; dali; vocoder
Downloads: 367 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Schwarzes Herz - Asaguare
German metal ballad.
Keywords: rock; metal; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; german
Downloads: 364
[audio]Danse Macabre - Asaguare
Experimental Essay - spoken poem: 'Danse Macabre' by Charles Baudelaire. Found a nice recording of this Baudelaire-poem, read by a female French. Of course I had to process her performance via vocoder to make her kind of chant chords and match the musical background track (Saronni's version of 'colors shift'). I also inserted a couple of guitar melodies to create a bit more atmosphere.
Keywords: experimental; poem; poetry; vocals; spoken; french; vocoder; baudelaire
Downloads: 392
[audio]Mississippi Kite - Asaguare
Once again I've been inspired by a Kristin Hersh pella. Her poetry, in combination with her outstanding voice, is just perfect material for song creation. Actually a remixer can't go wrong when using such expressive vocals, so it was pure fun for me to wrap around some instrumental tracks. Vocals, lyrics: Kristin Hersh
Keywords: pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 81
[audio]Fish In The Wall - Asaguare
Odd sound/voice collage, actually much of nonsense, also embedding a nice poem by Necromanos. A project that started without concrete musical concepts, just the idea of creating a sort of surreal dadasim ambience.
Keywords: experimental; collage; weird; humour; vocals; lyrics; voice; spoken; poem; poetry
Downloads: 193
[audio]Ocean Woman - Asaguare
Nice little tune (vocals/lyrics: debizzo).
Keywords: alternative; pop; ballad; vocals; lyrics; english; song; chill
Downloads: 131
[audio]Zhi Frao - Asaguare
Chilling vocal trio in percussive ambience.
Keywords: ambient; ethno; percussion; vocals; lyrics; choir; chill
Downloads: 66
[audio]Black Is The Colour - Asaguare
Misty version of a traditional Scottish folk song. Vocals: Lisa DeBenedictis
Keywords: alternative; ethno; folk; celtic; vocals; lyrics; song; english; ballad; chill
Downloads: 370 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]A Girl Like You - Asaguare
Ambient post-modern poetry setting over atmospheric detuned piano. Piano theme: Joseph-Maurice Ravel (1875-1937) Vocals, lyrics: Elaine Sharp
Keywords: experimental; piano; classic; minimal; postmodern; vocoder; vocals; lyrics; poem; poetry; english; chill
Downloads: 158
[audio]Krait - Asaguare
Reggae style pop tune featuring the inimitable raspy voice of Kristin. Lead vocals, lyrics: Kristin Hersh
Keywords: alternative; dub; reggae; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 125
[audio]Kufstein - Asaguare
Synthpop version of a traditional Austrian folk song. For those who don't know the original version: it's a quite sentimental and drippy waltz in major key with simple lyrics and joyful melody, usually performed by vocalist/choir and a good amount of strings. My electrified version is in minor key and the lyrics are sung via vocoder. To maintain authenticity, I've thrown in some yodel clips. Lyrics: Karl Ganzer
Keywords: electronica; synth; pop; traditional; folk; vocals; lyrics; song; german; austria; vocoder
Downloads: 321
[audio]Skizofrenia - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, featuring Liliana (vocals/lyrics) a singer from Hungaria.
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; hungarian
Downloads: 334
[audio]Jour Apres Jour - Asaguare
Alternative Classic The french title 'Jour après jour' means 'day after day' and the music describes the fluent ups and downs of days passing by. Although I engrafted a good amount of unusual harmony changes, these inflections aren't conspicuous in such a traditionally composed environment. Btw: this orchestral Essay is my 100th audio production since I started sequencing in december 2007. A centennial jubilee someway needed a touch of classic, so it came out with accordant instrumentation, par...
Keywords: alternative; classic; instrumental; orchestra
Downloads: 64
[audio]Uraciliom - Asaguare
Dark Electronica with choral ambience. Part 5 (of 5) in the 'Nucleobase' series, a compilation of experimental Electronica-influenced tracks.
Keywords: ambient; industrial; electronica; choir; soundscape
Downloads: 58
[audio]Untethered - Asaguare
Lounge Jazz poetry setting. Vocals, lyrics: Susan Joseph
Keywords: fusion; lounge; jazz; vocals; lyrics; spoken; english; poem; poetry; chill
Downloads: 47
[audio]Pappily Happy - Asaguare
Drippy but groovy. Did I say drippy? This one is perfect for nursing home elevators. Or senior dancing parties. No, not funerals. Actually it lightens up my mood, must be its dadaesque swing... me sentimental bloke loves listening while it's looping... wow, I've started gettin old.
Keywords: instrumental; swing; happy
Downloads: 64
[audio]Twentyfour Hours - Asaguare
This one launched out when I was testing a guitar amp VSTe (Poulin LeGion) on drums. Expectedly, the resulting drumloop got kind of a lo-fi distortion, nice for dirty Drum'n'Bass. Normally one would have added corresponding tracks, e.g. aggressive guitars and harsh synth pads, but I decided to go in a different direction: what about using soft vocals and dreamy choir pads? And to my surprise this fusion worked out pretty well...
Keywords: alternative; pop; electronica; vocals; lyrics; english
Downloads: 39
[audio]Summer Days - Asaguare
Cute little Bossa, wrote it at the edge of lazy summer 1998.
Keywords: bossa; samba; latin; guitar; jazz; vocals; lyrics; english; song
Downloads: 39
[audio]Soul Never Dies - Asaguare
Choral ambience with organ cluster. Being atheist does not mean avoiding churches; au contraire, these buildings often produce unique architectural acoustics, coming nicely along with organs and chants.
Keywords: experimental; ambient; vocals; lyrics; english; choir; reverb; church; organ
Downloads: 126
[audio]Splicers Blues - Asaguare
Groovy piano Boogie, traditional Blues scheme. My first try creating a Boogie in a sequencer by piano-roll editing only.
Keywords: instrumental; blues; boogie; shuffle; swing; piano; groove
Downloads: 133
[audio]Lullaby For The Wolves - Morph
Organ improvisation by Morph.
Keywords: organ experimental impro chill
Downloads: 40
[audio]Failin Gawds - Asaguare
Ambient Industrial
Keywords: alternative; industrial; ambient; noise; instrumental
Downloads: 239
[audio]Reise Ins Nichts II - Asaguare
Part 2 in the 'Reise Ins Nichts' (Trip Into Nothing) series, a compilation of ambient soundscapes. Female vocals: Katharine Neil
Keywords: ambient; cluster; pad; vocals; choir; chill
Downloads: 85
[audio]Para Uso Industrial - Asaguare
Melting ElectroPop into Industrial. Silvia's pellas always sound a bit shy and muted, suitable for ballads and soft-sung tunes. But here I wanted to put her in a somewhat darker environment. Although Goth would have been an option, I decided to do it with Tech/Electro because of some 'happy chords' that I wanted to lighten up this minor key piece. As a nice effect, the synths also make it a bit 80s New Wave, which once has been my favoured dance music...
Keywords: industrial; pop; electronica; vocals; lyrics; song; latin; dark
Downloads: 174
[audio]From The North - Asaguare
Ambient ballad with chilling soundscape. Vocals, lyrics: Ciggi Burns Additional vocals: SackJo22
Keywords: alternative; ambient; pop; ballad; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 89 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Voyages En Train - Asaguare
French poetry setting on Tech-House beats. Lyrics: Fabien Marsaud
Keywords: ambient; dancefloor; house; electronica; vocals; spoken; poem; poetry; french; chill
Downloads: 221
[audio]Simple Things - Asaguare
Swinging retro orchestral waltz, embedding a pop tune and modern beats. Lyrical vocals: Leza Backing vocals: Gloria Mandela Saxophone: Stef
Keywords: alternative; pop; waltz; orchestra; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english; chill
Downloads: 142
[audio]Lies - Asaguare
Alternative Pop Vocals: Amelia June Lyrics: Laurence Trifon
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 26
[audio]Urban Dawn - Asaguare
Soundscape of an early morning. I've been living at busy places in the mid of town and have always been fascinated by the magic of morning hours, when all awakens and starts another day.
Keywords: soundscape; ambient; pad; guitar; instrumental; atmosphere
Downloads: 57
[audio]Hey Friend - Asaguare
Alternative Pop, dark ambient 70's style. Decades ago, when I used to spend my weekends with friends, just hanging around and listening music, I always wondered: where do they get their tapes, cassettes and platters from? Some numbers, of course, were well-known, say by Pink Floyd, Zappa or Doors; but most of the other stuff was completely unknown to me, wonderful psychedelic ProgRock-ish tunes of bands that I had never heard of...
Keywords: alternative; progressive; dark; pop; retro; vocals; lyrics; song; english
Downloads: 43
[audio]Beyond The Night - Asaguare
Rock the disco! Lyrical vocals: SkullCandi
Keywords: dancefloor; disco; rock; vocals; english
Downloads: 61
[audio]Cytosiom - Asaguare
Part 2 (of 5) in the 'Nucleobase' series, a compilation of experimental Electronica-influenced tracks. Vocals: fuzette
Keywords: instrumental; electronica; dancefloor; vocals
Downloads: 59
[audio]Hemeniom - Asaguare
Meditative chillout guitars. About a year ago I was strumming some random chords and intervals on my guitar - pretty much absorbed in thought - when suddenly a short sequence attracted my interest... three consecutive 5ths: B/F#, G/D and D/A, played slowly and descending. In my imagination I completed the 3rds and virtually heard B-minor, G-major and D-major, which gave a nice progression for iteration...
Keywords: instrumental; ambient; minimal; guitar; chill
Downloads: 55
[audio]Movements - Asaguare
Instrumental Essay - experimental ambient and flowing harmonics.
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; experimental; ambient
Downloads: 53
[audio]Brother - Asaguare
Remix of one of my brother's instrumental compositions (Cubase test: guitar, piano, drums); added some female voices and a tibetan chanting intermezzo.
Keywords: alternative; pop; vocals; chant
Downloads: 47
[audio]Juwilawra - Asaguare
Mixture of modern drum'n'bass and traditional chinese instruments such as erhu, pipa, luan, guzhen and ban-di. They're mostly bowed or plugged strings, having simple yet interesting sounds. In spite of their frugal structure, Asian tunes have got a very profound, natural and acoustic flavour when interpreted by such instruments - which are seldom applied in other styles, eg. like triphop or jazz; nonetheless it's always worth a try.
Keywords: experimental; ethno; triphop; instrumental; china; chinese; asia
Downloads: 80
[audio]I Was At That Place - Asaguare
Progressive Rock - Vocals, lyrics: calendargirl (September song) - Drums, bass, rhythm guitar: Necromanos (Hippie song, 1991) For this mashup, mainly based on Necro's track, I had a dark and melancholic atmosphere in mind. Luckily found matching lyrics in calendargirl's September song - the only problem: it was in the wrong key. So I had to pitch her acappella 5 semitones down, resulting in the voice of a young man...
Keywords: rock; pop; vocals; lyrics; english; song; calendargirl; september; necromanos
Downloads: 79
[audio]Olympus Mons - Asaguare
Ambient Electronica A while ago I recorded a short 2-bar downtempo vocal clip to not forget the melody, a pretty simple Am/D transition. Several times I've been pondering about how to make use of it, until if found it had to be backbone of a contemplative tune, meditating on or describing a nature phenomenon such as a sunset, a landscape or a mountain. Well, in the end I've chosen the latter, even though not found on Earth...
Keywords: ambient; electronica; synth; pad; instrumental; soundscape
Downloads: 60
[audio]Anolytiom - Asaguare
Classical style woven melodies on an electronica background. The term 'Anolyt' (in the title) is an expression from paranormal science - Anolyt stands for alteration of water molecules due to cosmic radiation; the atomic bindings of hydrogen and oxygen are slightly bowed, resulting in a spheric form which widens the information depot. The occuring polarisation is equated with a 'male' principle.
Keywords: minimal; instrumental; ambient; electronica
Downloads: 49
[audio]Ziklopecz - Asaguare
Impressionistic cyclop theme, just as I heard it in a very strange dream last night.
Keywords: jazz; instrumental; synth; guitar; cyclop; improvisation
Downloads: 52
[audio]Vuvuzelious - Asaguare
Technoish beats along vuvuzela drone. I'm not really a soccer fan. I'm not even much interested in this current world championship. But there seem to be many crazy guys in my neighbourhood; when a match is shown on tv you can hear them blowing their horn, called vuvuzela. What an annoying sound when you're about to have a little afternoon sleep. Yet an interesting noise for drones. So here are technoish beats along a rather shy vuvuzela drone.
Keywords: alternative; electronica; instrumental; dancefloor; soccer; vuvuzela; drone
Downloads: 36
[audio]India - Asaguare
Vivid arrangement with sitar impressions.
Keywords: instrumental; alternative; ethno; india; sitar; tabla
Downloads: 190
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